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Transgender Women’s Retreat
with Dr. Erica Anderson 

Inner TRANSformation & Safe Explorations 
in the Mayan Lands of Mexico

Winter, 2023 dates TBA

Dear friends, colleagues and clients,


I’ve got something really special coming up that I can’t wait to share with you!  I’m offering you a special opportunity to work and play with me in a group of transgender women for five days in paradise...
I hope you’ll  join me, or you’ll pass this on to those in your life who might benefit from a retreat such as this. Personally, I can’t wait to curl my toes in the sand and take in the beauty of this watery paradise with you. It’ll be a great opportunity to make friends new and old and get some healing, resolve, forward movement and celebration of what it is to be a trans woman today.

~Dr. Erica

Cancun Beach.jpeg
Tropical Paradise


A Safe Getaway

What if you could go somewhere on a trans vacation that you felt completely safe to be yourself… How great would that feel? Somewhere where you could unwind and heal the trauma of being a transgender woman and celebrate your trans feminine identity in a tropical water world?


We’ve rented a luxury seaside estate with its own pool and plenty of privacy. We will be on the ocean, so you’ll want to bring your bathing suit to bask in the warm sun, swim in crystal blue waters on this tropical white sand beach in front of our villa.


Join us for this unique opportunity to unwind from this hard year of Covid-19, and give yourself the vacation you deserve… not only fun and relaxing, but also will help you to reset and move forward in a safe environment where you have comfortable, easy access to one of the world’s leading experts on transgender issues.

Included in your Inner TRANSformational Retreat

👩🏻‍  Have fun with other trans women in a relaxed environment


👩🏼  Exclusive one-on-one with Dr. Erica to review your transition experiences and plans. Receive support identifying challenges you face and learn about  resources to address them. 


👩🏼‍🦰  Deep Inner Transformation group experiences 


👩🏿‍  Mini seminars on topics of significance to transgender women


👩🏽‍  Morning stretches, movement and meditation


🥭  Delicious healthy meals

Rocky Island

Mini Seminars

Green Plants

with Dr. Erica

Purple Flowers

Group Experiences


Natural, Cultural & Archeological

Enjoy a unique environment among peers to socially, emotionally & physically reset, renew, and recharge...
Godess Staue.jpeg

During the course of our stay, you’ll also have the opportunity to participate in some exciting adventures!

Snorkeling in Yal ku lagoon

Definitely one of the best places to go snorkeling. The water is comfortable and calm and there’s lots of fish to see. It’s a safer way to snorkel where you can have a relaxing time enjoying your watery nature..

Cancun Mexico.jpeg

A Fun Mexican beach shopping day in Playa Del Carmen


Fifth Street is famous for its wonderful beach shopping street! It’s only a couple blocks off the beach and when you get tired of shopping, sit and have a bite to eat or a refreshment at a restaurant on the beach.

Coba Mayan Pyramid Climb

Visit the ancient pre-classic Temple site of Coba, deep in the jungle. We'll climb the pyramid to the honey God and celebrate the sweetness of life! This climb is an opportunity for inner transormation wrapped in an outer adventure.


Swim with the Sea Turtles

Right on the beach where we are staying, is an area frequented by sea turtles. We’ll head on over to the best turtle beach near us and go for a swim. if we are lucky, maybe we can swim near them and observe them in their natural habitat.



Yes, There is an option for you to bring your partner if you like. Romantic partners who are not transgender may also attend the retreat and participate in the non-trans focused activities. Please inquire in order to get approval from Dr. Erica for this option.

This fee covers all travel within Mexico, luxury accommodations, all entrance fees, most meals, and all facilitation and support by Dr. Erica and staff. All participants find their way to Cancun. We'll make sure you get picked up and brought to the Retreat location.


All participants are required to have received full Covid -19 vaccination immunity prior to leaving in order to create the safest and easiest experience for all. Please plan accordingly with your immunizations. Thank you. 


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us so we can answer them for you.


Are you interested, but you are not sure because you have a few questions you need answered? No Problem. Feel free to contact us! We'll be happy to help.


Double occupancy with another participant


Luxury Single occupancy


LGBTQIA+ Activists can receive a $1000 scholarship.

Want to come but can't afford it?

We are offering big discounts for referrals. 

We want you to be able to attend.

Please inquire

Fees Include


All travel within Mexico, luxury accommodations, entrance fees, most meals, and all facilitation and support by Dr. Erica and staff. All participants land in Cancun and are transported to the Retreat location.

In order to maximize the positive dynamics of our experience Dr Erica and her associate will interview each participant prior to confirming acceptance. Please fill out the application form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

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