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Transgender Specialist Consulting

  • Seasoned C Suite Executive
  • Transgender Psychologist 30 years
  • Pioneer in transgender youth concerns
  • Seminars for gender challenges
  • Media Consultant
  • Keynote Speaker

Since early 2020 I've consulted with the Illinois Department of Correction's statewide prison system to improve transgender healthcare.

Expert Witness

I serve as an expert witness on transgender issues in California, Washington, Ilinois and Sweden. 

Prisons and Criminal Justice

Executive Consulting

I'm uniquely positioned to guide executives who are navigating gender transformation who may be need of coaching and support. My experience is inestimable having made the transition to Trans-woman 40 years into my career.

Seminars & Retreats

My team is making plans

for fall of 2022 & winter of 2023.  

We will be offering seminars for:

            •  Parents of Transgender Children

            •  Professional Gender Therapist Skills Training

            •  Transgender Group Work

Group work or one-on-one time with Dr. Erica will help you live your best possible life or help others to feel free to be more fully themselves. 


You may schedule a consult with Dr. Erica for speaking engagements, business consults, and therapeutic services

through this website link. 

All Press Inquiries, Please Contact Dr. Erica's Publicist 

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