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How did I get here?

You might wonder how a kid who grew up in the bucolic suburb of Edina, Minnesota, who was a boy scout, church youth group leader, athlete and senior class president not only changed her gender but became an expert in and advocate for gender equality, transgender and LGBTQ rights?

A career path of four decades has led me here, a dedicated advocate and leader in transgender and gender nonconforming issues. The immense challenges one faces while searching for gender identity can be bewildering. Nothing about the human experience is binary, digital or black and white. While my story is not unique, what is notable is that I’m able to parlay my personal and professional experience to become a media consultant, speaker, and activist in the rapidly advancing world of transgender issues.

I live a life inspired by life, love, family, and community.

My optimism and my hope are my drivers, not to mention my keen sense of humor which has helped me navigate the stormy seas of my journey. I was married for thirty years and have raised two wonderful children to adulthood.


Many years of counseling led to my decision to make the transition to living as myself, a woman. After transitioning to Erica a decade ago, I have been enjoying my life while practicing clinical psychology as well as appearing as an expert in my field.


You might find me hanging out with my friends and family, or at rallies for LGBTQ rights, speaking at conferences and other events. Lately, I’ve been granting interviews and making podcasts to educate the media and the public about transgender mental health care.


I’ve also found love and acceptance in my second home, Sweden, where I’ve participated in marches, spoken publicly and in the media and appeared in the reality TV series: Alt for Sverige (Everything for Sweden).

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