How to Be a Great Parent
for Your Transgender
or Gender Questioning Child

Seminar with Dr. Erica Anderson

This 90 minute chat with Dr. Erica will address many of your questions and concerns about how to proceed  in order to give the best care for your trans girl, trans boy, gender questioning or non-binary child
To survive and thrive in today’s challenging world, kids need the help of parents and skilled professionals navigating not only their own internal struggle, but advice on how to do that in a society, that on the whole, does not yet accept them.

It’s hard to know sometimes what advice to take. But Dr. Anderson has a lot of wisdom about best practices for gender creative children to share. In this seminar, Dr. Erica will cover such important subjects as: 

How do I know my child really is transgender?


How can I be affirming and seek the help my child needs?  


How can I find support as a parent of a transgender child?


What are the 5 biggest mistakes a parent can make communicating with a child or young adult who is struggling with gender identity?


How do I deal with all the conflicting information on the internet, and the influence of peers on my child?


What are the three things you must take into account when choosing healthcare for my trans child? 


How can I help my trans kid deal with bullying in school?


When is it best to support a social transition, or notify the school of a gender change?


Do you know the difference between gender identity and sexual identity? 

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Fee: $100 per family
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