Embracing Gender Diversity

As a clinical psychologist I specialize in gender identity and sexuality issues. I'm an organizational executive consultant, providing clinical services as well as media consultation.


I consult with transgender and gender nonconforming children, adolescents, their families and other healthcare professionals. Currently I support the training of healthcare professionals, students and fellows in the rapidly advancing field of transgender healthcare.


My special areas of interest include sexuality,

gender issues, and healing trauma.

Dr. Erica Anderson

Transgender Specialist

It is a great blessing to be here for you!


It doesn't take the wildest imagination to understand the struggles I've endured along the way to become Erica.
The greatest blessing is to be able to share with you in my professional quadrant, not only the hardscape of my experience but the beauty of love and how it reveals itself in the dire need for humanity in all of us.

Media Consultant

60 Minutes | CBS News Interview with Leslie Stahl 

      Transgender Healthcare, May 23, 2021

CBS Austin, Texas | Interview with Gabriela Vidal

Guest Speaker | Transgender Focus

Expert Witness

The Washington Post

The Atlantic

Television Reality Show Star, Alt for Sverige Sweden

Television Gaygalen, Sweden

Print QX Magazine

Print Svenske Psykiatri

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YouTube Videos

Gender Dysphoria

Podcast Youth-Gender Clinician Dr. Erica Anderson On Assessment, The Culture Wars, and Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria

Dr. Erica Anderson Consultant on Transge
A Conversation with Jesse Singal
In a bonus interview episode, Jesse interviews Dr. Erica Anderson, a trans woman and Bay-Area-based gender clinician with years of experience working with transgender and gender nonconforming youth. The two discuss the white-hot debate over trans kids, including what comprehensive, compassionate assessment looks like in this field, how clinicians decide when a young person is ready for puberty blockers and/or hormones, and the controversial concept of “rapid-onset gender dysphoria.”