Erica E. Anderson, Ph.D. is an accomplished clinical psychologist, academic administrator, healthcare executive, professor, and consultant. During a career that spans 4 decades she has held academic appointments in health psychology, public health, clinical psychology, healthcare management and pediatrics. At The University of California San Francisco she serves on the faculty and medical staff of UCSF Benioff in behavioral pediatrics with involvement in the Child and Adolescent Gender Clinic in Pediatric Endocrinology. There, she consults with transgender and gender nonconforming childen, adolescents, their families and other healthcare professionals and supports training of healthcare professional students and fellows in the rapidly advancing field of transgender healthcare. At John F. Kennedy University she served as Professor of Clinical Psychology and served as Chair of the Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology, Chair of Graduate Psychology, and Dean of the Graduate School. At her previous University, she founded and Chaired the Department of Health Sciences and Services and served as Professor of Healthcare Management. At JFKU she taught future psychologists and psychotherapists. Her special areas of interest include sexuality, gender issues, and healing trauma. In her private consulting practice, Anderson Health Strategies, L.L.C., Dr Anderson provides consultation to corporations on issues related to sexual and gender diversity and inclusion and success (including gender transition) of transgender and gender nonconforming leaders. She provides clinical services to teenagers, adults, couples, and families focused upon Sexuality, Gender and Identity. Dr Anderson has also performed in television on the popular TV show in Sweden Allt for Sverige.


She became the first openly transgender character in prime time television in Sweden and has been recognized there for her advocacy and example as a transgender woman and professional. She was recognized in a full color “centerfold” feature article in the November(2016) issue of the Swedish Magazine QX , the largest circulation LGBTQ magazine in Scandinavia, and she is also on the cover and in a featured article in the December(2016) issue of Svensk Psykiatri, the journal of the Swedish Psychiatric Society, circulated among all psychiatrists and mental health professionals in Sweden. She was a finalist for two awards for the 2017 GayGala in Sweden, trans person of the year and in her show All for Sverige (Everything for Sweden) for best TV show in Sweden. Allt for Sweden is the recent recipient of the International Emmy for unscripted (reality show) TV show.She has been an executive in a number of businesses including subsidiaries of Merck/Medco, United Healthcare, Integra, Primary Mental Health Care, and College Health Enterprises. In those organizations she served as Executive Vice President, Senior VIce President, President, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Executive Officer. She has served on numerous Boards of Directors and is sought out as an advisor, mentor, and executive coach.She holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and an M.A. in Theology. She has studied at the University of Minnesota, the University of Southern California and Fuller Theological Seminary.

She has published a number of articles in professional journals, chapters in scientific books, and has served as a consulting editor for several professional journals. She is currently writing a book on Transgender Sexuality. She was listed for many years in Who’s Who in America as Eric and in recent years as Erica, one of few individuals listed there both as a man and as a woman. She resides in Berkeley, California.

Dr Erica’s specialty is sexuality, gender, and identity, specifically trans gender, gender queer and gender non conforming. Those with stress, anxiety, and depression will find in me an experienced and skilled psychologist and friend. I am knowledgeable, skilled, and compassionate and also practical and approachable.Sexuality, Gender, and Identity…..more individuals feel free to consider an identity which is different than that dictated by assigned sex at birth. Now we recognize that gender identity, like sexual orientation, does not automatically align with sex at birth. Few psychologists are knowledgeable, fewer still trans themselves. I am.In October 2015 SAMHSA (the substance abuse and mental health services administration) of the Federal Government released an important report. In it the consensus conclusion of scientists and professionals is that sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression variations (from binary heteronormativity) are normal.


Dr. Erica Anderson is extremely dedicated to providing quality care to transgender children and adolescents. Along with being incredibly knowledgeable about trans care, she is a warm and inviting presence. When I needed information about new research on early care for transgender and gender non-conforming children, she was more than willing to help. This is because along with providing clinical services to patients, Dr. Anderson is committed to teaching others about gender issues and treatments. She uses her own struggles to enlighten individuals and normalize the trans experience. I am genuinely so glad to have met Dr. Anderson and knowing that people like her are working to help transgender patients gives me hope for the future.“ HS