Dr. Erica is a consummate professional with a kind heart and a sharp mind.”



  • Seasoned C suite exec
  • Transgender Business, International TV Entertainment, Health, Education and Governmental contract experience.
  • President of USPATH, the organization that advocates transgender care across the USA
  • 40 year long career as a Psychologist,  with a focus on transgender and gender creative youth and adults.
  • Respected authority… Appeared as a transgender matters media consultant on 60 minutes.



Transgender Executive


with Dr. Erica 


She understands

your unique challenges



Dr. Erica is uniquely positioned to coach executives who are transforming their gender and need some coaching and support. She has been an executive in business, health and the education fields, and then transitioned herself, well into her career. She is not only knowledgeable because of her studies and her 40 years of work  as a psychologist, but  due to her own personal experience of receiving a sex change as an executive. This gives her a unique perspective that is enormously helpful for someone trying to navigate not only the personal realms while transforming, but those of business and society as well.

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