Podcast: Dr. Erica talks about Treating Transgender Youth


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 Tangle podcast with Dr. Erica

Treating Transgender Youth

In this podcast, Dr. Erica Anderson, transgender expert, talks with Isaac Saul about the psychological treatment of transgender youth.

“In this Tangle podcast, we sit down with Dr. Erica Anderson, a psychologist and clinician who works with transgender youth. Anderson’s particular expertise is in the psychological aspects of gender and gender identity formation, and their relationship to individual development. She is also an expert in evaluating patients with psychological disorders and separating these conditions from gender issues.  During our conversation, we have Dr. Anderson explain the basics of what it means to be transgender, the challenging work of her day-to-day, how to tell the difference between a child “going through a phase” and a child experiencing gender incongruence, and all of the other questions you have probably wanted to ask about some hot button trans-related issues.”

There is a lot of controversy surrounding transitioning youth. However so much challenge can be averted by making sure that these young people have interdisciplinary care and feedback in their process.

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