Gender Coach

Perhaps you have decided you are Transgender or non-binary…. Now what?


Dr Erica can help you to navigate the challenging waters of coming out…

  • Relationships
  • Family
  • Work
  • Appearance
  • Speaking voice
  • Medical Intervention
  • Social Cueing

What does it mean to be authentically you,
when you are just trying to figure that out
and not everybody likes that idea?

Dr. Erica would love to help you. She is available in person in CA or at our group TRANSformation retreats held in beautiful places that are safe for you to be you. She is also available via Online or phone consultation for USA or International Clients. As someone who transitioned while she was in an executive position, she is particularly suited to help executives negotiate a gender transition as smoothly as possible with Executive Transgender Coaching.

Are you a parent of a gender creative child? Dr. Erica has a great deal of experience assisting children, adolescents, teens and their parents make sensible and life enhancing choices regarding the well being of unique youth. In a world set on squashing difference, it is essential that we help our children feel heard and seen, make good choices and navigate a world of changes. Providing an environment that helps a young person to be healthy, happy and well adjusted will be our primary goal.