Media Consultant

Transgender and LGBTQIA+ issues and lifestyle have officially left the closet. More and more people are becoming better informed, and are hungry for more in depth information covering of gender creative lifestyles, challenges, and strategies for better living.

Simultaneously, transgender rights and freedoms are being challenged more fiercely every day with the current administration in the white house. Cogent, experienced and thoughtful commentary needed to both address the challenges and the blessings of being LGBTQIA+!

Enter, Dr. Erica.

With a successful television series, multiple interviews and talks, blogs, podcasts, videos, thousands of teaching , committee hours and more, Dr. Erica is not only knowledgeable, but experienced to talk to your audience about Transgender, non-binary, LGBTQIA+ health and well being, she is experienced on a stage, behind a microphone, and in front of the camera. Hire her today for your conference, event, Sensitivity training, news program or television show.